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I am from a big, extended family, so I rarely get time to speak when we are gathering during the holidays, or eating together at family reunions. There is always someone else talking about the latest sports game, or current event, when I want to speak. It's always been like that. You have to speak up and express your opinions where I'm from. 

I have always lived out a calling to service. You do not have to hold a political office to live out a calling to service. Every day I live out a calling to service with my family. They appreciate the time I dedicate to installing new doors, repairing old plumbing, and cleaning the yard.   

A calling to service can also be demonstrated in business. My time working with customers, learning about their organizations and clients, is time spent serving the needs of business and industry that drive our economy. 


My Georgia roots run deep. I am a fifth generation Georgian and a graduate of Dekalb County Schools. I received my BA from Dartmouth College and MBA from Georgia State University. 

Growing up I represented fellow students on the DeKalb School Board and In college I stood up to the administration when executives wanted to cut good paying Union Jobs.


Being an entrepreneur and teacher has taught me the importance of building relationships and embracing new technologies to pave new paths. 

Together we will build a Georgia You Can Trust. We will encourage small businesses to grow, make Georgia one of the top states in the country for education, and improve quality of life for all of our state's residents. 

It's time to keep politicians honest and Move Georgia Forward!